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Your Least Favorite Topic

Your Least Favorite Topic

May 7, 2021

One of the most disliked activities but one of the most important. 

The decision derived from time entries have aided agencies to vastly increase profits, and provide the owner with the ability to disconnect from the business.


Other Areas that are Affected:

  • Scope Creep
  • Reporting
  • Pricing
  • Process
  • Accountability
  • Transparency 
  • Team Engagement

Don't let your agency continue flying blind without this information. 

Linkedin Lead Generation with Cameron Scott

Linkedin Lead Generation with Cameron Scott

April 30, 2021

LinkedIn is an under utilized lead source. When used right it can results in a tremendous number of leads and regular leads. 


Spoke with a LinkedIn Expert who helps business owners generate leads through LinkedIn about how to best utilize the platform to generate leads. 


To reach out to Cameron at Sales Squared for the free consultation follow the links below:



Ultimate Sales Guide

OutSpace Group


The Profitable Agency

The Profitable Agency

April 23, 2021

Building a Profitable and Successful agency can be difficult, especially when you consider the owners time is finite.  


Agency expert Robert Patin helps agency owners and executives get their executive leaders caps on to explore aspects that are key to building a profitable agency. 

Open Team Communication

Open Team Communication

April 16, 2021

At the core of your agency is your team, that is who makes your agency function. 


Being sure that the information is in the right hands is key. Establishing a culture of transparency and open communication is pivotal to the success of your agency. 


In this episode agency expert Robert Patin discusses how to openly communicate and why it is important. 

Contracts & Cash Flows

Contracts & Cash Flows

April 9, 2021

A lot was learned in the past 12 months, and one of those lessons was that cash is king. 


In order to thrive as an agency you need to review your cash flow and understand how projects can impact it. 


In this episode Robert Patin agency expert reviews items that you should consider when taking on new contracts and the cash flow implications. 

Bulletproof SOWs

Bulletproof SOWs

April 2, 2021

Scopes of Work or Statements of Work are at the center of the creative industry.


Having your scopes of work detailed is important to allow your agency to be successful and is also the cornerstone of your clients expectations. 


In this Episode Agency Expert Robert Patin reviews what items to include in your SOWs

  • Project Goals/Objectives  
  • Detailed Deliverables: 
  • Due Dates: 
  • Process 
  • Individual Tasks and Client Responsibilities 


Client Expectation Process

Client Expectation Process

March 26, 2021

You Client Expectation process is key to long term happy clients and a profitable agency. 

In this episode Robert Patin the International Best Selling Author of The Agency Blueprint reviews how setting up a client expectation process can have far reaching impacts. 

He also reviews how to go about implementing, the aspects to implementing this process. 

Get started on your process today.


Legal and Creative with Sharon Toerek

Legal and Creative with Sharon Toerek

March 19, 2021

In this episode Robert Patin speaks with Sharon Toerek from Toerek Law about legal issues facing creative agencies. 

Covering Topics of Intellectual Property, MSA Negotiations, Freelancer Agreements and Exclusivity. 

Legal compliance should be at the core of your agency strategy. 


To have a legal checkup with Sharon go to:




Getting In Your Own Way

Getting In Your Own Way

March 12, 2021

We all do it. 

It is important to recognize when we are letting our limiting beliefs get in the way of our goals. 

Don't let your fears prevent your agency from reaching it potential. 

In this Episode Agency Expert and International Best Selling Author Robert Patin Covers:

  • Creating Your Agency Plan
  • Setting Self Imposed Deadlines
  • Learning to be Comfortable being Uncomfortable 
Client Communication Frequency

Client Communication Frequency

March 5, 2021

I see agencies do this backwards all the time. 

Increasing the communication with clients when they pay more. 

Increase the communication with your clients, increase the project, then increase your fees. 

You are in the relationship business as much as you are in the creative service business. 

Focus on being human first, connect with your clients and your team. 

Your business will follow. 

Do good by doing good. 


Resources In Episode:

How to Win Friends and Influence People

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